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On this world, about 1 billion individuals regularly use social media. That equates to over one in ten persons who are active on social media. There are a lot of prospective customers out there among all of these people who you may contact with the aid of our social media advertising service. Paid social media marketing is a fantastic way to reach new customers and reconnect with old ones. But only if it’s executed well! Otherwise, you are simply throwing money away in the hope that something may come of it. Given the variety of social media platforms available, choosing where and how to run adverts just adds to the complexity.

At Build a Traffic, we approach SEO holistically, fusing technical know-how, content optimisation, and strategic planning to provide outstanding results. Our objective is to raise the search engine ranks of your website, draw in targeted traffic, and ultimately increase the online success of your company.We can assist you in creating (more) effective social media ads thanks to our knowledge and experience.

Pixel Tracking Setup

You may learn a lot about your consumers’ purchasing processes by monitoring their behaviour. We will set up pixel tracking across all of your channels, evaluate the effectiveness of the results, and make any necessary corrections.

Ad Creation

Every social media platform will receive a different ad. Considering that what works on one network may not always function on another. Your adverts will stand out from the competition as a result of this.

Audience Segmentation

If advertisements are broadcast to the wrong audience, it is a waste of money.
In order to ensure that the appropriate advertising are seen to the appropriate people, we will segment your audience.

Testing & Optimization

Our job is never finished. After implementing a paid social approach, we will test the adverts and make changes as needed to improve the outcomes.


Map the Customer Journey

To ensure that we can accurately measure the advertising outcomes, we first start the installation of all the trackers. Next, we begin segmenting the audience.

Create & Test Ads

Second, we will design a variety of advertising and test them with varied messaging, visuals, and audience segments. Once the ads are live, we keep improving them until we find the winning formula.

Results & Growth

Your paid social results will be improved by the optimizations we perform. Your social media following, brand exposure, and conversions will all grow. As a result, more money is earned.

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We would be happy to assist, whether you need assistance with strategy, web design, search engine optimisation, or something else. Send us a message, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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